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Switch socket layout reference


The number and location of switches and sockets are generally determined by the designer (or electrician), but it is inevitable that the designer can only decide the number and location of the switch socket, because only the designer knows his own way of life best.


It's better to simulate your future life scene in mind many times in advance, and summarize the shortcomings of the current living environment. Then, one or two more sockets can be reserved in some places, because the times are progressing and there are more and more new appliances.

To determine the number and location of switches and sockets, three aspects should be considered first


First, the future functions of each space. Second bedroom, master bedroom, etc.

Second, the location and size of the main electrical appliances and furniture. TV, refrigerator, cupboard, etc.


Third, the living habits of the family. For example, if you like to eat hot pot and drink kungfu tea at home, you'd better leave a socket beside the table, or you can leave a plug under the table.


1. The power switch is generally between 1.2m and 1.4m above the ground (generally, the switch height is as high as the shoulder of an adult), and it is installed at the same height.

2. When several switches are installed side by side or multi position switches, the position of the control appliance should be corresponding to the position of each switch functional part. For example, the leftmost switch should be used to control the leftmost electrical appliance.

3. Ordinary power sockets without special requirements shall be installed 0.3m above the ground and at the same height.

4. The wall socket of audio-visual equipment, desk lamp, wiring board, etc. is generally 0.3-0.6m above the ground (the socket in the living room is determined according to the TV cabinet and sofa).

5. The socket of washing machine is 1.2m to 1.5m above the ground.

6. The socket of refrigerator is 0.3m or 1.5m above the ground (depending on the location and size of refrigerator).

7. The socket of air conditioner and exhaust fan should be 1.9m to 2.0m above the ground.

8. The socket of the electric water heater should be installed at the right side of the water heater 1.4m ~ 1.5m away from the ground. Pay attention not to set the socket above the electric water heater. The water heater is bulky and easy to block.

9. The socket of the terrace should be above 1.4m away from the ground, and should be kept away from sunlight and rain as far as possible.


Practical summary of precautions


1. The principle of diagonal line can be considered in the arrangement of socket locations. The distribution of sockets in a space should be considered in terms of diagonal line, so as to avoid "no dead corner of socket" as far as possible.

2. Living room, bedroom, aisle and other locations should consider the installation of dual control switch. For example, the switch is set at the entrance of the bedroom and beside the bed, which can easily control the indoor lighting when entering the door and going to bed. It is said that there is a new type of remote control switch, which can replace double control.

3. Almost all household appliances have standby power consumption. You can set some sockets with switches so that you don't need to pull out the plug, and you can cut off the power supply, and it won't affect the beauty of the pulled wires. For example, you can consider using a switch socket on the top of the kitchen cabinet to avoid frequent plugging of electrical appliances such as rice cooker and electric kettle.

4. Kitchen socket should not be installed on the top of the stove to prevent overheating. Also consider the future installation of kitchen pendant will not conflict with the switch socket position.

5. If you want to install water purifier, dishwasher, garbage disposal and other new appliances, remember to leave enough sockets in advance.

6. Bathroom Yuba switch, it is best to ask the size first, because this switch is generally a circle larger than the light switch.

7. Do not install the switch too close to the water. If the switch is installed on the open balcony, near the sink, the wet area of the toilet, remember to use the special splash proof cover for the switch socket.

8. Consider the switch and socket inside the cabinet, for internal disinfection cabinet, steamer oven, microwave oven, etc.

9. Consider the sockets and corresponding control switches of burglar alarm, gas alarm, wall mounted liquid crystal, porch light, etc.

10. Consider the socket setting of special electrical equipment, such as the socket of shoe dryer near the shoe cabinet, the socket of toilet guard, kitchenware, electric towel rack, projection lifting curtain, socket and switch of electric curtain, etc.

11. Consider the TV wall, sofa wall, leisure balcony and other places to reserve network cable interface or replace with wireless.

12. When determining the number of switches and sockets, all the places to be used should be considered as far as possible, and spare sockets should be set. More reserved sockets are always more beautiful than not enough to use the terminal block to solve the problem.

13. It's better to look at the furniture in advance, so as to avoid the design of switch socket position being covered by sofa, TV cabinet, bedside cabinet and other furniture.

14. The direction of some sockets can also be considered. For example, the wall mounted air conditioner socket can be inverted, which is more convenient to plug in.

15. Desk with the socket can be considered on the top of the table, save looking for socket.

16. Five hole socket is best to buy dislocation hole, save socket overlap utilization rate is low.

17. A socket can be installed behind the door. Due to the low shielding rate, the utilization rate is relatively high.

18. The quality of the cassette should not be too bad, if the developer left the poor, they should be replaced.

19. Special switch socket is more expensive, consider the advantages and disadvantages before buying, for example, the floor plug may affect the cleaning of the floor.

20. High power electrical appliances can leave 16A socket, such as air conditioning.

21. Families with children planning to ask aunts can leave a socket in the corner of the ceiling for camera installation in the future.

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