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The recipient information provided by the user needs to be detailed, accurate, authentic, valid, and the same as the user's personal email address. We need this information to process your order and provide you with better service; we hope to be able to customize our products and services according to your specific needs more easily. We also hope you have the most enjoyable Internet and shopping experience.

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Our services
As your online shopping agent, we will purchase goods from Taobao or other online stores according to your requirements, provide suggestions for the goods you want to buy, and deliver the goods to you. We don't sell any products. If there are items on our website, we just put them here for your convenience, and they are linked to a third party.


You can cancel your order at any time, but please be sure to read our refund policy. When you cancel an order after the goods arrive at our office and before international transportation, we can help you negotiate with the seller to cancel the order, but we do not guarantee the result. If the result is positive, we will return the goods to the seller, but your account will charge a domestic fee. If the result is negative, all fees you pay will not be refunded.


If the goods are defective when they arrive at our office, we will return them to the seller for exchange or refund. It will be free.
If your package arrives with quality problems, if the goods are within the warranty period, we will help you return the goods in exchange for return or refund; if your package is not within the warranty period, we can help you negotiate with the seller for replacement or refund. In both cases, we will provide it free of charge. However, all costs incurred in the process, including international and domestic transportation, will be borne by you.


We will try our best to make your shopping in noonbuy pleasant and provide you with reliable information, but we can not guarantee that the content of our website is always accurate and up-to-date. We are not responsible for any minor mistakes. For us, the most important responsibility is to help you buy what you want and drive the whole process. It's like a bridge between you and us. We cannot control the quality or functionality of the products that sellers place on their websites, nor do we guarantee the safety or legality of the products you are buying.