Refund instrution

How To Refund At
users Can Request A Refund By Email, But The Refund Must Meet The Following Conditions.
if We Agree To A Refund,please Note That If This Is Not The Responsibility Of The Seller,we Will Not Bear Any Logistics Costs,as A Result, Freight Cannot Be Returned. After The User Returns The Goods,we Will Refund The User's Money Through Paypal In The Same Case Of Transport Liability Or Other Disputes,we Recommend That You Contact Us By Email.

1 Return Conditions

1.1 Product Quality Problems;
1.2 Loss Of Missing Goods
1.3 The Goods And The Goods Themselves Have Been Preserved At The Time Of Sale, With Complete Accessories, And Will Not Affect The Secondary Sale. Can Be Returned Within 7 Days From The Date Of Receipt Of The Order.

2 Precautions

2.1 If The Goods Are Damaged Due To Personal Reasons (such As Self Modification And Washing), They Will Not Be Returned.
2.2 Product Labels, Product Accessories, Manuals, Warranties And Labels Will Not Be Returned If They Are Lost Or Damaged.
2.3 When Returning, Please Be Sure To Return The Outer Package, Internal Accessories, Warranty Card, Manual, Hair, Etc.goods And Goods.
2.4 If The Goods Are Accompanied By A Gift At The Time Of Purchase, The Gift Must Be Returned Together With The Return.
2.5 In Order To Ensure Your Interests, Please Check Carefully When Receiving The Goods. If You Find Any Problems, Please Indicatethey Did Not Return Or Reject Them.

3. In Order To Help Us Solve This Problem For You As Soon As Possible, Please Provide The Following Information When Contacting Us For The First Time;

-your Name
order Number
-product Name And Code
-fault Picture
-fault Description

4. Postage Refund Instructions

4.1 The Return Is The Customer's Own Reason, The Freight Shall Be Borne By The Customer, The Postage Shall Be Sent Back By The Customer, And The Payment Email Or Ordinary Mail Of The Customer Shall Not Be Accepted.and Third Parties Lead To Rejection, Half Of Customers And Sellers4.3 If The Return Is Caused By The Merchant, All Expenses Shall Be Borne By The Merchant

5. Refund Time

after Receiving The Return, The Merchant Will Agree To Your Refund Request,refund Information Will Be Submitted To Paypal And Paypal Will Return The Money To Your Original Account Within 24 Working Days,an Email Reminder Will Be Sent.

6. refund Process:

step 1: Fill In The Return Application
step 2: Wait For Customer Service Confirmation
step 3: Send The Returned Goods And Submit The Return Information
step 4: After The Merchant Receives The Return, Complete The Refund
·do Not Support Other Goods Returned According To Laws Or Regulations.