Payment Method

Shopping cosmetics at Miss Yeah store, you can choose two payment methods. These two payment methods are the most popular international banks and payment institutions.

1st way: paypal

Paypal Introduction

PayPal (NASDAQ: PYPL) is committed to democratizing financial services and enhancing people ’s capabilities and businesses to join and thrive in the global economy. Our open digital payment platform gives PayPal's 244 million active account holders the confidence to trade and trade in new and powerful ways, whether online, mobile, applications or face-to-face. Through a combination of technological innovation and strategic partners, PayPal has created better payment methods for managing and transferring funds, and provides options and flexibility to pay or pay. The PayPal platform covers more than 200 markets around the world, including Braintree, Venmo, and Xoom, enabling consumers and businessmen to obtain more than 100 currencies in more ways, withdraw funds in 56 currencies, and retain their balances. Currencies。

Paypal Payment Method

When a payer wants to pay an amount to a merchant or payee through PayPal, it can be divided into the following steps:

1. As long as there is an email address, the payer can log in to open a PayPal account, become his user through verification, and provide credit card or related bank information, increase the account amount, and transfer a certain amount of money from the account that was registered when he opened the account (such as a credit card) Transfer to PayPal account.

2. When the payer initiates the payment process to the third person, he must first enter the PayPal account, specify the specific remittance amount, and provide the payee's email account to PayPal.

3. PayPal then sends an email to the merchant or payee to notify them that there are funds waiting to be collected or transferred.

4. If the merchant or the payee is also a PayPal user, after the decision is made, the money specified by the payer will be transferred to the payee.

5. If the merchant or the payee does not have a PayPal account, the payee may instruct the connection site to enter the webpage to register for a PayPal account according to the content of the PayPal email. The payee can choose to convert the obtained money into a check and send it to the designated place Into their personal credit card account or transfer to another bank account.Paypal

Palpay Registered

If you do not have a paypal account, please go to paypal official website to register to register

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2st way: Credit card (OceanPayMent)

Introduction to Credit Card Payment

Credit card payment is a way for customers to voluntarily use their credit card to instantly pay to the other party's account through the network. After the payment is successful, the payment will immediately enter the account provided by the merchant. The credit card payment method is more flexible and has a wider range of usage. The number of people in the country is particularly high.

Credit card payment method

Several ways to complete payment with credit card;

The first : Similar to direct bank transfer, the money is transferred directly from the credit card to the bank account provided by the other party. This method requires a debit card with a credit card bank at home, and the transfer amount and rate are relatively high. And the efficiency and safety are not high, and this method is generally used less;

The second : You can complete the payment through the credit card payment channel. There are multiple credit card channel third-party payment companies in China. It takes the money to the account of the third-party payment company, and then the third-party payment company sends the money to the designated In accounts, this method is a relatively mature payment method. Since the base of domestic credit card payment is still relatively small, this method is mainly used in foreign trade;

Third: Credit card payment methods can also be used in combination with other payment methods, such as electronic accounts