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Have professional team resources

Product customization and R&D, website design and development, e-commerce marketing, customer service and R&D personnel from Fortune 500 companies.

Why noonbuy is the first choice of taobao agent

You can find all products on the Chinese market at;\rMost products sell well on all mainstream platforms;\rBeauty equipment ranks the top three in,,, and other platforms;\rAll commodity prices are transparent, reducing customer costs, establishing an information sharing platform, and serving global customers through multiple languages;\rService area: 250 countries in the world including the United States, Germany, Britain, Australia, France, Italy, Singapore, Vietnam, Russia, Arabia, Israel, North America, Europe, Southeast Asia and the Middle East."

What are the services of Noonbuy?


Solve all the problems encountered by foreign users when purchasing Chinese products online, and help foreign users obtain the most favorable prices to purchase Chinese products with confidence

Retrieve orders

Foreign customers can pRetrieve orders Foreign customers can place orders on the English Taobao website, and we will retrieve customer orders from major shopping platforms in China based on your order information;

Product quality inspection and packing

Noonbuy will conduct quality inspections on each product to prevent customers from receiving products with quality problems. Through our services, we will raise the quality of the products on the e-commerce platform to a higher level; and carry out fine packaging for each product;

Parcel shipping

Provide air, land, sea and many other channels; it only takes 3-5 days to arrive by air to Southeast Asian countries; Europe and the United States require 5-10 days;

After sale

If there is any problem with the package you received, noonbuy supports return and refund.

Can we provide OEM customization?

Noonbuy has 1000W + SKU, we have 10W suppliers, and 2W factories directly supply; Some of the products can be customized by OEM through the factory, and we have a variety of cooperation methods.