Account security

Noonbuy registration

If you are a new customer of noonbuy and need to purchase the products you need through noonbuy or Taobao agnet, you need to enter the noonbuy registration page and register the noonbuy member account.

The registration steps are as follows:

A.Enter frequently used mailbox

B.Enter your login password

C.Enter your login password again

D.Choose your country

E.Choose your date of birth

F.Click to get the verification code

G.Go to your email to get the verification code

H.Fill in the input box with the code obtained from the email and click "create an account"

Noonbuy login

If you are already a member of noonbuy, you need to buy the products in noonbuy or through Taobao agnet. You need to click the link below to login.

A.Enter your email account

B.Enter your login passwords

C.Input graphic verification code

D.Click "SIGN IN"

Noonbuy conscientiously implements international laws and conventions to protect the personal privacy information of all customers. We will encrypt all personal information, including our employees, who are unable to obtain your relevant personal information. We have been regulated by the laws of various countries. Privacy and terms view more