Customs And Revenue

1.Customs risk

Please read the customs policy of the destination country carefully for the products that are prohibited from importing in each country
Some products are inevitably subject to certain customs risks, such as confiscation, duty payment and rejection.

2. Customs declaration

We will declare the value according to the customs tax threshold in a reasonable way, the country of destination and our logistics experience. You can also contact our customer service staff and tell them the declared value.
Warm tips: the frequency of customs inspection and customs policy will affect the opportunity of tax collection. Please refer to tax thresholds in different countries. Please understand that you will bear the risk related to customs (return, confiscation, taxation).
If your product is too large or of very high value, the opportunity for customs to inspect the package will also increase. We suggest that you put a small amount of the same product in the same package weight, and keep the reasonable weight of the package. We will avoid paying taxes for your reasonable declaration, but we can't guarantee 100% that your package will be taxed or not.

Reference table of national tariff threshold:
Customs declaration and tariff
● noonbuy cooperates with the third party logistics company, which will assist the buyer in customs clearance.
● The buyer is responsible for customs clearance in his own country. The buyer must ensure that the products purchased comply with the customs import regulations of the country. Noonbuy will not be responsible for any problems
● When the buyer purchases the brand goods, the buyer is responsible for obtaining the license of the brand owner. Noonbuy is not responsible for licensing the brand owner.
● When the goods arrive at the buyer's country or the country designated by the buyer, the buyer shall assist the logistics company in customs clearance. Noonbuy will give full assistance in the process of customs clearance, but noonbuy will not bear any responsibility for customs clearance.
● the buyer is liable to pay any form of tariff or tax in his country or country of destination. If the buyer refuses to pay the duties, customs will return the goods to the country of origin. The buyer will be responsible for the return transportation and storage costs.