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Introduction to international transshipment

We Have Our Own Logistics Information System,

Which Can Track The Whole Package Track Through Our System,

And Can See The Track Of The Order Through The Order Details.

I Comprehensively Consider The Needs Of Customers And Put Forward Logistics Related Selection Suggestions To Protect The Rights And Interests Of Customers.

We Keep Online At Any Time,

Cooperate And Solve The Problem That Customers Can't Clear Customs.

We Will Take Responsibility For Package Damage In Shipping.



Dhl International Express Is The Market Leader In The Global Express Industry. Covering More Than 120000 Destinations, It Provides Business And Private Customers With Special Delivery And Express Delivery Services.

Our Company Is The First-class Agent Of Dhl, Enjoying The Services Of Safety, Stability And Timeliness Of Goods And Channels.

Dhl Service: Covering 220 Countries And Regions

Dhl Time Limit: 2-7 Working Days For Global Delivery

Advantages Of Dhl: The Timeliness Guarantee Of Dhl Ranks The First Among The Four Express Delivery, Safety And Stability The First Among The Four Express Delivery, And The Global Balance Of Customs Clearance Capacity

Disadvantages Of Dhl: The Price Of Dhl Is A Little More Expensive Than That Of The Other Three Couriers.

In order to get as accurate data as possible, please input the estimated weight and size of your package. In part, the freight is calculated according to the larger value of the actual weight and volume weight. The calculation method of volume weight: length × width × height ÷ 5000.


  • Which international express is cheaper?

    This Problem Is Too General. There Are Many Branches Of International Logistics. When Transporting Goods, The Specific Channels And Ways To Transport Goods Are Cheap.for Example, If The Same Goods Are Shipped From Shanghai To Japan, There Will Be A Difference Between Air Freight And Sea Freight. Or The Same Weight Of Goods, The Same Route To Japan, A Common Plastic Toys (general Goods), A Toy With Batteries (sensitive Goods), The Final Price Will Vary.
  • What is the cheapest way to send an international express?

    Dhl; The Main Advantage Is In The Small Cargo Under 21kg, The Aging Is Relatively Stable. Ups; The Main Advantage Is Over 100kg Bulk Cargo. Bulk Ups Price Is Better. Fedex. The Main Advantage Is In The 21-99kg Segment. In This Weight Segment, The Price Of Fedex Is Relatively Advantageous, And The Aging Is Not Too Bad. Tnt; The Main Advantage Is Also Mass Cargo Over 100kg, The Price Will Be Cheaper Than Ups, But The Aging Is Not So Problem, Usually Aging For About A Week.
  • How to reduce international logistics transportation cost and save freight?

    The Packaging Should Be Improved. The Weight Or Volume Of The Package Is Related To The Cost Accounting. Then, The Most Reasonable Packaging Method Should Be Precisely Set For The Package.
  • Nternational express, which is the most secure?

    In Terms Of Security, Now Dhl, Ups, Fedex, Ems These International Express Are Relatively Stable. First Of All, Your Goods Are Safe Products. The Information Should Be Correct Along With The Goods. When You Deliver The Goods, Communicate With Your Forwarder About Every Detail So As Not To Make Mistakes.
  • Why do international express have tariffs?

    Every Country Has A Customs Tariff Threshold. For Example, In The United States, The Threshold Is $800. Customs Duties Are An Important Source Of Revenue For A Country. Paying Customs Duties Is Also A Citizen's Duty. If The Value Of The Goods Is Lower Than The Customs Duty Of The Destination Country, There Is No Need To Pay Customs Duty Under Normal Circumstances.
  • Why does international express delivery have to have a zip code?

    The General Customs Clearance Only Need 1-3 Days To Pass, If It's A Parcel's Goods Sent Abroad, Customs Clearance Is Very Easy, And Basically Soon Can See Customs Clearance On The State Of The Goods Is Complete, But There Is Another Possibility, Is Often Appear On The Sensitive Goods, That Is The Goods Detained By The Customs For A Long Time, May Need To Pay Customs To Release, Or Is Unable To Smooth Customs Clearance Of Goods, Can Only Be Returned Or Destroyed.
  • How do I send it by international express? Which is the cheapest express delivery to Japan?

    We Suggest Sending The Package To Japan By Ems Or Fedex. Ems Not Foam, Only According To The Actual Weight Of Freight, Customs Clearance Ability. Liquid Cosmetics And Food Products Are Relatively Easy To Mail To Japan. It Takes About 6 Days For Ems To Reach Japan.